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Steve Brinich's Journal

Steve Brinich
20 July
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I've lived in the Washington DC area since graduating college (in Arlington until a few years ago, currently in a house in Springfield with starmalachite) and three cats (Satin, Heidi, and Vir. I am still waiting to actually finish moving into the house; a new master suite extension has kept running into contractor snafus. As a result, half of the house is empty for (very occasional) work; the other half is full of boxes (which is nice for the cats, but not so good for the humans who would like to actually get at their stuff).

Userpics: Feel free to adopt any interesting ones, but please give credit. Specifically, be sure to give credit to the original creators for ones I've adapted from other sources (see userpic comments in my profile). My most common sources so far are the webcomics Erfworld (written by Rob Balder, illustrated by Jamie Noguchi, published under Creative Commons License (by-nc-sa)) and XKCD (by Randall Munroe, published under CCL (by-nc-sa)).