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Another WikiLeaks story:

A former senior Swiss bank executive said on Monday that he had given the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, details of more than 2,000 prominent individuals and companies that he contends engaged in tax evasion and other possible criminal activity....

If you thought he'd caught a lot of flak for exposing The Powers That Be trash-talking each other like so many feuding SMOFs, you ain't seen nothing yet....

Home From GAFilk

starmalachite and I are back from GAFilk after the fourth flight booking finally got off the ground. We arrived back in the DC area just as the first flurries started here (it looks like we'll avoid the brunt of the storm, with just 2-3 inches expected).
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Dorothy Kitten, Dorothy On Scratchpad

Feline Pecking Order

When I got up this morning to go back to work after vacation, I filled one of the cats' water dishes. Dorothy (in userpic) immediately started drinking, while Kimba (one of the Siamese-mix tabbypoints) waited patiently in line.

The amusing thing is that Kimba is 19 pounds (all muscle and frame, according to the vet), while Dorothy is maybe 10 pounds soaking wet (not that I've dared try that experiment).
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Hoffa-Livingston, Message Hat

Changing E-Mail (Watch This Space)

Our service from Speakeasy has been getting increasingly flaky, with more outages in the last couple months than in the previous few years. The last straw was that messages from addresses that are in the spam filter whitelist have been repeatedly dropping into the spam bucket anyway (and attempts to re-enter them into the whitelist don't work); the dreadful webmail interface to fish through the spam bucket is just the icing on the cake.

After considering the range of "competition", such as it is, we're going to Verizon FiOS. I have some misgivings, but they seem less bad than the alternative (Cox cable internet). The scheduled install is in two weeks; once I verify that it works I'll distribute the new e-mail address.
Kimba Face

Back From OVFF

starmalachite and I got home last night to four very needy cats. The two new arrivals took the first prolonged absence of their humans better than I was expecting, actually. It helps that the household has settled into two pairs: Vir and Dorothy are the two psycho cats who chase and wrestle each other; Heidi and Kimba(in userpic) are the two sedate cats who keep each other company and generally ignore anything they consider beneath their notice.
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Dorothy Kitten, Dorothy On Scratchpad

Dorothy Kitten

We acquired a fourth cat at the local gaming convention over Labor Day weekend.

There was a gray kitten hanging around the hotel parking lot, approaching cars and people (possibly looking for her people, who either lost her or -- more likely, given the lack of habitation in the area -- dumped her). A bit reluctantly, since we already had three cats including one fairly recent addition who was only just learning to fit in, we decided that if nobody else took her, we would. Several people at the convention were willing but unable for various reasons, so we started making preliminary plans.

We heard unconfirmed reports that someone had decided to take her in, and she wasn't hanging around as usual Sunday night, but we swung by the hotel Monday after dance-group practice to be sure. Within a few minutes, somebody near the Outback steakhouse pointed the kitten out to starmalachite, and we got her stowed away in a duffel bag that was emptied into my suitcase to serve as an impromptu cat carrier. We got her home, set her up in a walk-in closet isolated from the other cats, and did the decontamination routine of dumping all clothes right into the wash and showering.

Fortunately, the vet found nothing worse than some fleas and a nasty ear mite infestation (she had a punctured eardrum, but no apparent damage to her hearing); we were apparently successful in keeping them away from the other cats. After getting a clean bill of health and a spaying, she was introduced to the other cats. Heidi generally ignores her (she was an only cat for years, and tends to be a bit reserved toward either humans or felines). Vir bonded with her easily, playing tag and wrestling (a good thing; the vet says he could stand to lose a bit of weight). Kimba hissed and growled at her for a week or so (he was probably feeling insecure, having barely settled in himself), but is getting more tolerant. The kitten takes all this in stride, including being growled at by a cat three times her size.

Everything is going smoothly, with a couple of minor difficulties of feeding her kitten food without letting the older cats (especially Vir) get into it and keeping her inside. She got out at 5 AM Sunday when starmalachite went out to the car to retrieve something and led us on a merry chase around the neighborhood until I caught her. We're trying to get her to accept that she's an indoor cat now, but she's stubborn.

After a bit of dithering, we decided on the name "Dorothy". I'm sure the experience for her was not unlike being dropped into Oz. :-)
Your Lack Of Logic

The Force Is Weak With This One

A poster boy for the caption on this userpic:

Ferndale police collar 'Darth Vader' hold-up suspect

After arresting a suspect last night for the armed robbery of a convenience store, Ferndale police observed in a statement that "[t]his is one of the world's dumbest criminals."

The suspect took an undisclosed amount of money from the clerk at knife-point, wearing a Darth Vader mask that completely covered his face. The fatal flaw in his plan was that he entered the store before donning his disguise. That meant that the store's surveillance cameras contained images of the man's face....
Kimba Face

Kimba Settling In

Kimba (left) poking at his wheel-ball cat toy as Vir (right) looks on:

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When they were kittens, they were so hard to tell apart that we suspected that they were identical twins; this seems unlikely now. ("You're not clones; you're just garden-variety twins!")

Heidi (as usual) prefers to stay aloof from the undignified display.
Vir On Green Blanket


Last weekend, we took in one of Vir's littermates -- his human has been out of work and in bad health. There was some posturing and hissing at first, but Kimba (we kept the same name; he has enough other stuff to adjust to) has been warming up to the new humans and new cats.

One of the first good pictures we got (after some redeye correction) is under the cut-tag; you can see how much he resembles Vir (in userpic), except for being bigger and darker colored:

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Gah (Angela), Angela Gah Face

Attack Of The Sinuses

I'd been feeling a bit congested and generally "off" yesterday, but thought it was just the usual hotel-air issues (I'm at Shore Leave this weekend). I was functioning pretty well through the afternoon, winning a game of Dominion narrowly and Ticket to Ride in a blowout (in the initial deal, I got three tickets each from the northeast corner of the country to the southwest corner, a recipe for either glory or disaster if I kept them all. I did, and it worked out).

After dinner and the masquerade, I felt a more congested and a bit lightheaded, so I went looking for a place to rest a while. Once starmalachite got a look at me and felt my temperature, she insisted that the EMTs have a look. There was no sign of it being anything worse than a nasty sinus-infection flareup (she had a bad cold last week; I seem to have gotten it worse), and everything tested normal except my blood pressure being a bit high (not surprising under the circumstances; she was clearly worried and I was still thinking clearly enough to realize that the situation just might be worse that it seemed). I was starting to feel better, but she convinced me it was probably best to head back to our hotel.

I'm feeling better now, and the fever is broken, so I'll be back at the con. I may decide to take a sick day tomorrow to fully recover, though.
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