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Seems To Be My Day For Annoying Little Computer Issues

After the service call for the computer at work (see post from earlier today). I got a call from starmalachite that the desktop at home was making unaccustomed noises. From what I could hear over the cell phone (and remembered from a brief intermittent incident last week that I never got around to following up), it seemed like a fan issue. I suggested shutting it down until I could get a look at it.

When I got home and opened up the case, I found (eventually -- let's just say that it if karma works, the designer of the fan casings will one day have charley-horses in both hands that respond only to medication that comes in a triple-sealed childproof bottle) that a couple of the front fans had some dustbunny bits wrapped around the spindles. Also, the power connection to the main fain at the side was loose, so the front fans had to do all the work. The problem seems to be fixed (though, like the one at the office, it's one of those intermittent things that can't really be confirmed fixed for a while).
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