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Double-Secret Probation As Public Policy

From PC World, via fuzzface00 's journal:

...Appellate Judge Margaret McKeown responded by paraphrasing public comments by U.S. President George W. Bush, whom she reported as saying, "There is no surveillance of domestic phone calls without a warrant." 

The Bush comment came up again when AT&T attorney Michael Kellogg, also argued for dismissal on the Wonderland-like grounds that allowing the case to go forward, yet not violate state secrets, would prohibit AT&T from presenting a defense. 

"Any sort of program is a state secret," Kellogg said. 

"Even if the program doesn't exist?" McKeown replied, referencing the president's claim. 

"Whether or not it exists is a state secret," Kellogg answered. 

"But if President Bush said it's not happening, how could that be a secret?" the judge asked. 

These are some of the reasons the hearing lasted two and a half hours....

I think this guy testified as a character witness in the Knave of Hearts' trial.

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