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18 February 2010 @ 10:19 pm
A Bit Of Cool But Impractical Game Packaging  
I picked up a copy of the game Pandemic and the On The Brink expansion, after finding it on sale and recalling it as interesting the one or two times I've tried it. As a bit of flavor, the expansion has a set of six "Petri Dishes" with "Infectious Substance" labels (presumably sufficiently different from real medical labels that anyone familiar with the latter would recognize them as parodies) for holding the game bits.

I think I'll stick to the little ziplock baggies, though, for two reasons. First, the baggies are small enough that I can combine game and expansion into the base game box; the dishes are just too bulky for that. Second, I'd rather not try to explain the labels to one of the Thousands Standing Around....
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Current Music: "Smallpox Gone" -- Leslie Fish
madfilkentistmadfilkentist on February 19th, 2010 10:53 am (UTC)
That sounds like a really bad packaging idea to me, unless it says something obvious like "May cause contagious laughter." I'm wondering how long it will be before a bus terminal is evacuated when one of those is found.
Steve Brinich: Ansom (WTF)stevemb on February 20th, 2010 04:17 pm (UTC)
Nope, nothing obvious like that. Someone stumbling upon one of the dishes might get the wrong idea, especially if the owner got cute and wrote an actual disease name in the "CONTAINS" block....
Monica: gamingcellio on February 21st, 2010 04:12 am (UTC)
We ignored the petri dishes in favor of fitting the game in a single box too. I suppose they were trying to come up with enough schtick to justify the price of the expansion, but this one didn't do anything for me.