Steve Brinich (stevemb) wrote,
Steve Brinich

New Desktop -- Firefox Goes Down In Flames

So far, the shift to the new desktop is going well, except that it locked up twice when I started Firefox first thing in the morning. I suspect that the underlying problem was that Windows Easy Transfer directly ported all the plugins that had been installed under XP straight into the 64-bit Win7 program (they all automagically showed up in the new Firefox install, just like my bookmarks), and some of them either needed to be properly installed in Win7 or are just incompatible. I've scrubbed and reinstalled Firefox and plugins to see if that fixes it. Anybody else know of a possible alternative fix if that doesn't solve the problem?

On the more positive side, I was able to transfer all my (and starmalachite's) archived e-mail with MozBackup.

Tags: computer, internet, tech
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