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What Can Brown Do For You? Not Much....

I spent this year's bonus on a new laptop and a new desktop. Both were scheduled to arrive yesterday.

The laptop was delivered (by FedEx) without incident. The desktop... not so much.

The first indication of a problem was that when I did a check of the UPS tracking page, it claimed that a delivery attempt had been made. I called starmalachite (who had gotten the FedEx package earlier, and was on the alert for the arrival of the other one) to see if something was wrong at home. Everything was normal -- but there had been no doorbell ring or knock (the bell had rung for the earlier delivery, and she re-confirmed that it was working), and there was no delivery-attempt notice on the door.

I called UPS to find out what the problem was. They insisted that a delivery attempt had been made, the lack of note notwithstanding. The kicker: when starmalachite left the house that evening, there was a UPS failed-delivery note on the door (much too prominently for her to have simply overlooked it earlier). I can only assume that my complaint was relayed to the driver, who directed his efforts to ass-covering (i.e. putting up the note) rather than customer service (i.e. knocking/ringing at the door to deliver the pacakge while he was MAKING ANOTHER(?) STOP THERE ANYWAY).

Allegedly, UPS is making another delivery attempt today... but the latest info as of 1:15 PM still shows nothing later than yesterday's "failed delivery attempt". We'll see....
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