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Kennywood and Confluence

We set out Wednesday night for our usual pre-Confluence trip to Kennywood, arriving at the hotel at o-dark-thirty and crashing. We spent Thursday at the park -- as luck would have it, the crowds were particularly thin (thunderstorms had been predicted, but never materialized) and we were able to go on all the interesting rides two or three times each before closing time.

In general, Kennywood is a survivor of the old-fashioned type of amusement park. One exception that we remembered not-so-fondly from last year was the "old mine" ride, which had been rebranded as "Garfield's Nightmare" and converted into a 3-D day-glo ad for Frito-Lay products. We rode it once to refresh our memories of how tacky it was.

For some reason (I blame residual dizziness), I was inspired to create an Erfworld fanmix around a set of visual puns, which I whipped up and posted to the site forum after we got back to the hotel. Afterwards, I crashed out, my work here being done.

Friday morning, we packed up and headed for Confluence. There was a slight complication when it turned out that we hadn't printed out directions from the Kennywood hotel to the Confluence hotel, and the "PrintMe" system that was supposed to send documents to the hotel desk didn't work as advertised. I ended up copying them the old-fashioned way with stone knives and bearskins pen and paper, and we hit the road.

We made it to the con without incident, and as luck would have it a place called "Primanti's" that starmalachite wanted to search out for lunch turned out to be right across the road. We ate, got settled in, registered, and enjoyed the con.

Other than one or two of William Tenn's panels, I mostly alternated between the concerts, open filking, generally hanging out with people, and occasional Web surfing. A good time was had until we headed home Sunday evening and arrived at o-dark-thirty Monday morning.
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