Steve Brinich (stevemb) wrote,
Steve Brinich

Lost In The Cloud

Why relying on somebody else for primary storage of your data (as opposed to off-site backup of your data) is an idea that ranks somewhere between "Hey! Let's change the formula for Coke!" and "Hey! Let's invade Russia during the winter!":

T-Mobile: we probably lost all your Sidekick data

Well, this is shaping up to be one of the biggest disasters in the history of cloud computing, and certainly the largest blow to Danger and the Sidekick platform: T-Mobile's now reporting that personal data stored on Sidekicks has "almost certainly has been lost as a result of a server failure at Microsoft/Danger." They're still looking for a way to recover it, but they're not giving users a lot of hope -- meanwhile, servers are still on the fritz and customers are being advised not to let their devices power down because anything that's still on there will be lost the next time the device is turned on. Another communique is promised from T-Mobile on Monday to give everyone a status update on the recovery efforts, but at this point, it's not looking good at all.
Tags: stupidity, tech

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