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Convention Stuff (Capclave, OVFF)

Work is going to be a bit busier than usual as the end-of-fiscal-year rush hits, but I was able to distract myself by getting ready for the next batch of conventions.

Usually, I spend most of Capclave in the gaming room, but the programming (especially some of the new-media stuff) looks more interesting this time (and I definitely want to catch the Erfworld party). I'm planning to bring more of the travelling game collection than usual, though; somebody has to pick up the slack now that Hal Haag is no longer with us.

I also made final arrangements for OVFF* (found an excellent deal on Southwest flights in and out of BWI for a little over $200 for the two of us). I'll probably bring a few games along (one advantage of Southwest is that they haven't followed the lead of most airlines in nickel-and-diming passengers for checked baggage).

(*Their site has been hit by malware attacks over the last few weeks; it seems to be OK now but I thought it was prudent to warn people to have shields up just in case.)

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