Steve Brinich (stevemb) wrote,
Steve Brinich

Post-TCEP Mobile Post

TCEP was fun; I got a chance at a few games the regular group ussually doesn't have time for (notably RoboRally) along with some favorites (Kingsburg went over particularly well).

The one downside is that I apparently left my copy of Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries/Switzerland behind; someone at the dead dog mentioned that it was one of the ones that were left on a table after the con. (I would have sworn there was no way something that big could be missing from my bags, but apparently they just didn't pack as tightly on the return trip.) Identifying features to find out for sure and arrange a return if it's my set:

1. Nordic Countries/Switzerland in one box.
2. Extra Switzerland card set (replacement for first-printing cards).
3. Snack bags for pieces/cards.

EDIT: The folks who picked up the lost-and-found stuff at the con confirm that they have it; now it's just a matter of arranging a mutually convenient pickup.
Tags: gaming, tcep

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