Steve Brinich (stevemb) wrote,
Steve Brinich

Confluence & Cedar Point Trip

Confluence was a lot of fun -- I spent most of the con in the filk room (barely saw the dealers' room and never got to the con suite at all). The new filk I wrote just before Balticon seemed to go over pretty well. I played a game of Stone Age in the lower-level lobby Sunday afternoon, but other than that I mostly listened and hung out.

After the con, we took a side trip to Cedar Point with mrgoodwraith, got to the hotel at o-dark-thirty, and crashed out for a few hours. There were a few snags (the Maverick broke down twice just before we got on, and the scooter starmalachite rented so she'd be fit for a long drive home conked out and we lost some time getting another one), but overall it was a fun (though tiring) day.

Tags: cedar point, confluence, filk

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