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Friday was my day off on my 9-hour compressed work schedule, so we had tentative plans to get to Kings Dominion (we'd originally planned to take an amusement-park trip the week before Balticon, but my sinuses were acting up and starmalachite didn't want to go by herself). The weather predictions were not promising, though, so we just stayed in except for out usual Friday-night games group. Most of the others were already in the middle of something when we arrived, but we found a third for The Pillars of the Earth. I had a good last turn, but starmalachite managed to edge me out by one point in the final score.

The weather was much better Saturday, so we got on the road that morning and spent most of the day at Kings Dominion. There was a brief rainstorm in the evening, and the Scrambler seriously pushed my "get back to me when the planet stops spinning" button, but other than that it was a fun time. We ran into jannyblue and partiallyclips shortly after the rain stopped and chatted for a bit, then got in line for the next ride and waited until the management gave the all-clear to start things up again.

After that, I slept in until eleven, and probably would have slept later than that if Vir hadn't gone into full love-me-love-me-I'm-your-cat mode. Mostly I've spent the rest of the day noodling on the computer and satisfying the cats' demands for attention, moving around only for absolutely necessary (e.g. making more coffee) purposes.


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