Steve Brinich (stevemb) wrote,
Steve Brinich

The Weekend

Last night, starmalachite and I met gorgeousgary, the_sheryl, jannyblue, and a friend of hers whose name I'm blanking on for a Paul & Storm / Jonathan Coulton concert at the Birchmere. (Unfortunately, partiallyclips was fighting off a case of con crud and couldn't make it.) The show was sold out, and even getting there at 6:00 we only got so-so seats, but other than that it was a very nice evening.

Heidi and Vir were both a bit clingy this morning; I think they were annoyed at being deserted again after last weekend. Vir did his "mimic Heidi's voice" trick again today; starmalachite thinks he's figured out that her voice gets more attention than his (Heidi hardly ever makes a sound; Vir yammers constantly in his Siamese way).

A little later, we're heading out to pick through anything interesting left at Circuit City, get dinner, and have a Saturday night gaming session to make up for the usual Friday one we missed. (Apologies to thelongshot; we should have made sure you knew we weren't going to be there this week.)

Tags: cats, music

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