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Boskone went off without any travel hitches this year, which was a relief after some of the other times; our flights both ways took off on time and arrived early.

We arrived early Friday afternoon and napped for a while until things got going, and went down to the lobby just in time to catch our roommate madfilkentist arriving. I picked up two volumes of August Derleth's Sherlock-Holmes-with-the-serial-numbers-filed-off Solar Pons stories at the freebie table, but ended up not getting anything in the dealer's room (everything that looked interesting was something I already had, at least in the sense of having the same material in different collections).

Friday dinner was at the Irish pub at the hotel; it was reasonably good food that was no more overpriced than usual for Boston though with a limited selection. As usual, the open filk ended relatively early Friday night as people paced themselves for Saturday.

Saturday morning I got in some gaming when there was a space open in a game of St. Petersburg. I didn't get much traction with early income generation, and my attempts to compensate by building a large stable of nobles were too little too late, so I lost pretty badly. I grazed in the con suite for a bit (eating a huge amount of grapes -- the con suite staff had a considerable excess and urged anybody who was interested to take a whole bag), and spent the rest of the day alternating between concerts, panels, and hanging out in the big all-purpose utility space (dealer's room, art show, gaming, con suite, and kaffeeklatsches were in different sections of one big space on the lower level, which worked out surprisingly well).

We ordered out for dinner, expecting (correctly, from the look of it) that the hotel restaurants would be heavily crowded. Unfortunately, the Chinese place we chose was heavy on the spices even by my standards (which meant that most of dinner was downright inedible by starmalachite's standards -- the Pad Thai contained a bunch of peppers that don't belong in any Pad Thai she'd seen before).

The Saturday dead dog filk reportedly ran to about 5 AM; I crashed out around 2:30.

I spent some of Sunday afternoon at the Eye of Argon reading and almost managed to make it through a page (getting tripped up on a "the" that wasn't there after navigating much more hazardous broken purple prose), and then joined starmalachite at the dead dog filk until it was time to head for the airport. She had dinner at Legal Seafoods while I got out of range of the fish miasma and found the other food court. There was a Chinese place, but after the overspicy Chinese delivery I had Saturday I decided to play it safe at Burger King.

We got home without incident to two needy furballs. The TiVO setup had been flaking out, but seemed to handle everything OK in our absence -- apparently moving the wireless receiver away from the TiVO/tuning adapter stack may have done the trick.

Now, finally finish waking up... need coffee....

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