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28 June 2007 @ 11:08 pm
Conterpoint Part 2  
Sunday morning fairly relaxed, as it actually looked like we'd gotten this con done with the biggest "problem" being running short on badge holders for the members we got. (No, this isn't a lead-in to a tale of Disaster Creeping Up Upon Our Unaware Hero. The only other issue that I know of is a post-con complication with the hotel billing; they lumped cadhla, whose room was supposed to be billed to the Interfilk credit card persis gave them, with the other guests. I've gotten in touch with persis about getting that straightened out and making sure the hotel didn't try to bill both of us. If that's the worst of it, I'll still consider us ahead of the game.)

After the scheduled portion of the con concluded, we met Rev. Sharon Henderson for a quick rehearsal. We'd picked a fairly straightforward service, so that went fairly quickly. starmalachite went to get dressed and have her hair and makeup done, and I dealt with various reminders that formal wear is designed to advertise that the wearer 1)doesn't have to engage in physical activity and 2)has servants to help put it on. This is one situation where false advertising carries its own penalty.

People began gathering for the service as the scheduled time of 6:00 approached. There was a miscommunication somewhere along the line about the schedule, and starmalachite's hair and makeup didn't get done quite in time, slipping the ceremony back to the Fannish Standard Time of 7:00.

Once it got started, the ceremony went very well. I'd like to thank everyone there, with special thanks to Rev. Henderson, my best man thelongshot, Crystal's niece Sami, madfilkentist for the processional and recessional music, dglenn for serving as wedding photographer, Clam Chowder for the reception music, and the rest of the concom for dealing with the extra wrinkle in the con programming.

Afterwards, we broke for the dessert reception and the Clams concert. Since it wouldn't be a Clam Chowder concert without a bit of audience contribution, starmalachite arranged to have a large picture of a soup can labeled "Clam Chowder: Condensed" (a pre-scheduled cruise kept Bob Esty from being there for the occasion). After the concert, the remaining guests and con-goers coalesced into a dead-dog filk that lasted until about 1 AM.

Monday morning, we packed most of our stuff into the car, leaving a few suitcases checked at the hotel. We swung by home just long enough to unload and reassure the cats (who were no doubt terribly confused by their humans coming home from three days' absence and then leaving again right away), and then returned to the hotel (with a quick stop to return my tux) to pick up cadhla and get her to the airport. Luckily, she mentioned that her flight was out of Dulles just as we were leaving the hotel -- somehow, starmalachite had gotten the notion that it was out of BWI (and I had no idea, myself). It wouldn't have been a disaster (we still have almost an hour of leeway even allowing for two hours to check in, even leaving out the fact that her flight ended up being delayed), but it would have been quite inconvenient. We got to the airport a bit after 2:00; after saying goodbye we took the opportunity to visit Game Parlor before heading home to three very needy kitties.

The rest of the week is a bit of a blur, but I'm settling down into married life nicely.
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starmalachitestarmalachite on June 29th, 2007 06:43 am (UTC)
a pre-scheduled cruise kept John Huff from being there for the occasion

That would be a big surprise to John, since he was there and it was Bob Esty who was in Alaska!
Steve Brinich: Prince Ansom (Thunderstruck)stevemb on June 29th, 2007 10:33 am (UTC)
D'OH! (edited)

I did mention parts of the last week being a bit of a blur, right?
hms42 on June 30th, 2007 07:59 pm (UTC)
Let me know which parts of the audio from the main room I didn't give you and Crystal raw copies of.

I have been listening (slowly) to the 26 hours I captured.... The only problem recordings found so far was the Clams concert had a bad wire since I was getting poping sound thru the whole concert. :( It should with editing be removable, but I don't know if it will allow the recording to be used (Kludge's, not mine) for a CD put out in the future.

Everything else (except for Randy Hoffman's Sat one shot) came out fine. I did attempt to record the wedding, but I only got a feed of Gary's keyboard and not the ceremony.

Congradulations again and thank you for a good con!!!

Harold S.