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Back Home

We got back from spending a few days visiting the relatives (first starmalachite 's folks in the outskirts of the Harrisburg area, and then my folks in Schuylkill County). A few of the highlights:

One of my presents for starmalachite was a box with three DVDs, one classic from her wish list, another of the same, and one big hunk of cheese we both remember from a convention MiSTing session. The way she cracked up at the last one was even better than I'd hoped.

During post-Christmas shopping, I found that the local branch of Fye's was liquidating. The stock had been pretty seriously picked through, but I found the two-disk special edition of Iron Man for under $20.

Earlier today, we stopped by my brother Chris' house and got to visit his cats (including the big mellow amber tabby who lay on top of the printer acccepting attention and otherwise watching the humans). I managed to fulfil the family tech support duties that generally come up and get one of the laptops back on speaking terms with the house wireless network.

Now, we're back, reassuring the poor abandoned pussycats (and giving the old one her subcutaneous fluids, which she probably finds more annoying than reassuring).

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