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Conterpoint Part 1

Friday started out with the usual pre-con rush to prepare, tripled since we were on the concom and doubled on top of that since we were also throwing a wedding. Once we got everything sorted out and said good-bye to the cats, we got on the road and arrived sometime in mid-afternoon. My memory of the details is somewhat vague.

After settling in, I set up registration and finished labeling the convention CD (thanks to madfilkentist for coming up with the concept of doing an electronic version of the traditional songbook, creating the CD, and pulling together the contributions). Once that was done, the job settled down into alternating hurry-up-and-wait and bursts of activity. I had the laptop with me, so I used the former periods to catch up on a few things online. Another advantage of the site was that the natural place to set up registration was close enough to hear the concerts in the main ballroom.

After a while, starmalachite arrived with the T-shirt supply. In previous years, we'd overbought the larger sizes, so we shifted the mix a bit toward smaller ones; judging from the remnants (medium and large), we probably overdid that adjustment. One of the post-con action items is going to be posting a list of what we ordered and what we had left as information for other cons (if I don't get around to it this week, I trust somebody on the Contata concom will remind me).

After the transition to open filk, I closed up registration, figuring that anybody who came in later could just join in and register in the morning. I alternated between helping with con suite and listening to the open filk. I finally went to bed around 2 AM; things were still going but starting to thin out a bit at that point.

Saturday, I got to see the Boogie Knights and Vixy and Tony's concerts. (I apologize for completely blanking on the names of the volunteers who took over registration for Saturday morning. Thanks.) When I took over registration again before John Hall's Toastmaster concert, I realized that we were running out of badge holders, and might run out of CDs. starmalachite did a supply run to Staples for another two dozen of each (fortunately, the laptop has a CD burner, and I'd hadn't needed to use the extra CD labels I'd printed in case of mishaps). As a stopgap, I used a few of the stick-on paper badges we'd brought for the wedding guests.

During dinner break, about a dozen of us (including me, starmalachite, [info]madfilkentist, mnemex, among others) went to a nearby Chinese restaurant. The food was generally good (except that I didn't much care for the thousand-year egg, and I wouldn't know about the shrimp, since turning purple and not breathing probably would have put a damper on the evening).

We returned in time for the headline concerts by our Interfilk guest, Seanan McGuire (cadhla) and our Guests of Honor, Wild Mercy. A few people trickled in during the evening; I closed down registration after the Wild Mercy concert and brought the box of T-shirts to the back of the ballroom in case somebody was still interested (by this point, we were down to medium and large sizes).

I chatted with partiallyclips for a bit; he was a bit surprised that I'd managed to read and comment on the Erfworld update that had just gone up. (Saturday evening handling the last few folks trickling in to the con and the last few members deciding to get a T-shirt was even more hurry-up-and wait than usual; I spent part of the down time catching up on that discussion forum and caught the new page just as I was about to go offline for the night.)

After the Interfilk auction, the open filk lasted well into the night; I don't recall exactly what time I finally crashed out.

Next: Sunday, The Wedding, and post-con homecoming and recovery.
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