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Metro does a monthly "online chat" session. The advertised purpose is to provide a means for public input. The apparent actual purpose is to provide the illusion of public input.

The main problem with bus service in my neighborhood is that Metro refuses to update it to connect to the local train station. This enables them to overcharge for the bus ride (by counting a 20-minute detour out of my way as an "express" trip) and then overcharge again for the train ride (which back-tracks the detour from the bus ride). I therefore posed the following question, and received the following reply:

Springfield, VA: Why is it that Metro has updated only two bus routes in Burke/Springfield to connect to Franconia/Springfield station? Most of the routes still connect to Metrorail at the Pentagon, adding a 20-minute delay and an "express" surcharge to each bus-to-rail connection.

Reply: Hi Springfield. The total fare paid for both bus and rail to ride from Burke to the Franconia-Springfield station to Pentagon is more than the straight shot bus to the Pentagon.

Perhaps James Burke equipped with the Marauder's Map and Diogenes' lamp could discover connections between the question and the "answer". I certainly cannot. I would call it a "bed-bug letter", except that the bed-bug letter in the old joke at least purports to address the customer complaint.
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