Steve Brinich (stevemb) wrote,
Steve Brinich

Philcon Days 2-3

Saturday I got up in time for the hotel buffet (standard breakfast fare, with a better-than-usual fruit selection to offset the high-calorie greasy stuff) and then caught a webcomics panel. I managed to trigger two "yeah, that's another comic that's interesting because..." moments, one with my Erfworld PLOT shirt and once by mentioning Breakfast of the Gods during the "audience recommendation" section toward the end.

After that, I went over to the gaming area for a while and got in a game of Alhambra and one of Settlers of Catan. The latter went particularly well (2-for-1 rock port, rock on 5, rock on 8 -- rock on!). A group of us (me, starmalachite, gorgeousgary, the_sheryl , and madfilkentist) went out to Pei Wei for dinner, and after that I mostly settled down in the filk area until I finally crashed out.

Sunday I got up early enough to pack my stuff and take it out to the car before breakfast. By the time I was finished, starmalachite was up and about, and we finished getting out of the room in time for her to get to her noon panel while I finished loading the car. We did some last wanderings and dealer-room checks, and then settled down for a game of Cities and Knights with Marc Drexler, Eric Raymond, and somebody whose name I'm blanking on. This game, I never could get any traction, and more or less marked time until Eric won.

We headed out to a local Japanese place with Michael Feldman and Marli Kennedy, then headed home to three clingy cats.

Tags: philcon, webcomics

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