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Philcon Day 1

Despite getting off to a somewhat late start, we got to the con hotel with about an hour to check in and find our way around before starmalachite's first panel ("Will The Real Sci-Fi Channel Please Stand Up?") After that, we went to dinner at Friendly's -- adequate but not particularly great; we're planning to try the local Asian place tonight.

After dinner, I alternated between random wandering and listening in the filk room until we crashed at around 2:00. I picked Monty Python Fluxx and a few other miscellaneous gaming items. I also picked up the first volume of Evil, Inc., and after getting about a third of the way through it went back for the other two. (I got all three autographed, and Captain Heroic on the sketch page of Vol. 3). That covers most of what looks interesting in the dealer's room that I don't already have.

Heading off for a 1:00 panel; more later.

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