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Back From OVFF

We got back from OVFF late last night. As usual, there was more activity at the con than I could really absorb and I hardly got to see half the folks there/ That's especially true since I have a tendency to fade into the background, a la Matt Keller's "Plateau Eyes" in A Gift From Earth. Sometimes, this comes in handy, such as the moment in the banquet buffet line when the rest of the Conterpoint core group was batting around the question of who will chair the next one. (Briefly ponders redacting the previous sentence because it's sort of self-negating when the rest of them read it; decides to step up and take his chances fair and square.)

All in all, it was a good con, and kudos to the concom for making it happen. I recall too many good things to single out any in particular, but one personal highlight was staying up for the dawn patrol and breakfast buffet with the group around Kathy Mar -- lately, I'd had a tendency to get tired more often than usual. Finally, starmalachite put her foot down and got me to have a doctor check into it; it seems to be an allergy to something or other that's causing occasional wheezing. The prescription she put me on seems to be doing the trick so far.

The bad news after the con (other than the general bad news of having to readjust to mundania) was that the furnace igniter seems to have quit; we called for a repairman who may or may not show up sometime today. Satin seemed a bit listless when we got home, which alarmed us since she's 18 going on 19; fortunately, she seems to be more or less herself today.

I'd already arranged to take today off and get some extra rest (the fact that it was still morning rather than mid-afternoon when I woke up for good, and without feline intervention to boot, surprised me a bit) and smooth the ruffled fur of the shamefully attention-deprived kitties.

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