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Last Couple Weekends

Last weekend, starmalachite and I went out to the Maryland RenFaire. Along the way, somebody suddenly cut across to the exit, producing a chain reaction of braking and collisions -- we were at the tail end of it. We almost avoided it completely, but the last car that took a serious hit bounced back and fishtailed a corner into our front end. The car was still driveable, with a dented and slightly bent hood, but we were delayed until about noon while the police came and took a report.

Once we got there, things went rather well (but more crowded than I've seen it any other time).

Most of this weekend we were at Capclave. There were some pretty good panels (I remember one on alien communication in particular), and the evening filk was fairly good for a con that's trying to get it going as a new activity (the room kept going for about two hours each night, peaking at about a dozen people, including several newcomers). One moment I recall was starmalachite springing "Self-Inflicted" on a few people who hadn't heard it before.

With all that, I didn't do as much gaming as usual, but I did get to play (and win) Thurn and Taxis and Settlers of Catan: Cities and Knights. I was especially pleased with the former, as I hit the trifecta of 1)first eight-city route, 2)first player with all colors, and 3)first (and only) player to gain all of Prussia (if you don't know the game, suffice it to say that each of those is worth a relatively large point score).

We skipped the last day of the con to catch the last day of RenFaire, without adventures en route this time. The highlihgts were two of the featured musical performances from the Mediaeval Baebes and Volgemut; starmalachite also got some of our Christmas shopping done. After a minor mixup (we forgot to set a place to meet when I went to the final joust while she went to the closing pubsing), we had dinner at Red Robin and headed home.

Give the old white cat her subcutaneous fluids and go to sleep now.....

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