Steve Brinich (stevemb) wrote,
Steve Brinich

Er... So What's The Problem?

Graffiti wall is vandalised

A BLANK wall built for teenage graffiti artists has been vandalised by an angry resident writing – "I paid my tax and all I got was this lousy wall".

The £3,000 6ft high by 30ft long wall was installed so youths could practice their graffiti artwork without using local property.

But ahead of its opening on October 31 the fed-up resident sneaked behind a security fence and daubed a protest about the use of taxpayer's money.

he wall, in Wadebridge, Cornwall, was funded by Wadebridge Town Council, Wadebridge Town Forum and North Cornwall District Council.

t was built in the town's Jubilee Park and was the brainchild of Sergeant Robin Moorcroft who has vowed to investigate the graffiti....

Hokay... if the purpose of the wall is to provide a place for people to write graffiti, why is this considered "vandalism" and why would anyone need to "investigate" it? Admittedly, the writer jumped the gun on the grand opening, but that hardly seems like an issue worth making a major fuss over.
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