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Belated TCEP Comments

TCEP was fun. The highlight was a late-night game of Shadows over Camelot -- it's one of those games where the players are basically teamed up against the game, with the complication that each player has a secret "loyalty" card and one of them might be a traitor who wins if everybody else loses. After the first round, it looked like the game was going to defeat the players, but we managed to pull it off despite two false accusations (each player can accuse somebody else of being the traitor once per game -- correct accusations expose the traitor and make it easier to win; wrong accusations make the game situation get worse). After the skin-of-the-teeth victory, it turned out that all players were in fact loyal knights.

After the weekend, mundanity resurfaced as sombody at the office circulated a list of proposed post-end-of-fiscal-year group activities. Every one of them is the sort that, on my personal calendar, is sure to conflict with a subsequent engagement....

Currently, I'm double-checking preparations for a power outage. Given the incoming weather and expected road/Metro conditions, it looks like my idea of day-tripping T-MODE is (literally) washed up.

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