Steve Brinich (stevemb) wrote,
Steve Brinich

Home Again; Brief Kennywood & Confluence Comments

starmalachite  and I got home about 3 AM today and crashed out; I took today off to recover.

Kennywood conditions were just about ideal; the weather was mild for July and the crowds were very thin for most of the day. (A few more people trickled in during the evening, but it was still very light.) We got in a couple rides on each of the four coasters and a bunch of the other rides -- I'm not really a good judge of details, but according to starmalachite  the coasters were in particularly good form.

The next day, we checked out of the hotel near the park (after straightening out a minor billing snafu; the original bill had the rate for "room plus tickets" applied to both days) and headed for the Confluence hotel. zsero  was already checked in; we moved out luggage up to the room and settled in for a while before the con got underway.

Mostly, we spent our time at the filk concert track; the con had a very impressive lineup. In particular, this was the first I'd heard Lord Landless, the con's Featured Filkers. The con also put on the traditional play; this one centered on "Dr. Sarcophagus", the host of a local horror-movie show. I brought along some of the travelling game collection, but the opportunity never arose -- the next convention on my schedule is TCEP, a local gaming-specific Labor Day relaxacon, so I'll have plenty of opportunities then.

There was one snafu unrelated to the con itself; the touchscreen on starmalachite 's Wing died. Fortunately, it's still under warranty; T-Mobile is shipping a new one. When we got home, I dug out one of our old cell phones and transferred the SIM chip so she'd have a phone until it arrives (should be by Wednesday; I decided to pay $15 for express service).

Before we left, we found out that zsero's flight was cancelled and he was stuck in Pittsburgh until today. He found crash space; I hope he got home OK.
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