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Internet Exploder Strikes Again

I amused myself over the weekend by, among other things, producing an animated GIF icon from Friday's "I Am Not Good With Boomerangs" xkcd webcomic. (The author specifically OKs this sort of use as long as it's properly credited.)

During lunch, I checked LJ from the office, and found that the bonk-to-the-head stage of the animation had gone all jerky. Suspecting that it might be a browser issue (Firefox 3 at home, IE 6 at the office), I did a few Google searches and discovered that IE's rendering of animated GIFs automatically increases any frame of less than 6/100s of a second -- not to 6/100, but to 10/100s. That's just enough to insure that any frame that was assigned a fast turnover because it's critical for smoothing the animation will create a moment of visible jerkiness.

I'm trying, and failing, to think of a reason for this other than somebody actually going out of his way to be extra inept.

Retweaking the animation is trivial, but will probably have to wait till tomorrow.
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