Steve Brinich (stevemb) wrote,
Steve Brinich

Belated Balticon Comments

We got on the road a bit later than planned on Friday, and ran into a bunch of holiday traffic, but nothing too serious. About fifteen minutes before we arrived, madfilkentist  called; apparently either I didn't get his name on the room or they lost it from their records. Other than that, checkin at the hotel and con was uneventful (I made sure they had ccrazy 's name on the room, and as far as I know she checked in without incident when she got there).

After a dinner break at the Noodles & Company down the road, we mostly settled in to the filk programming followed by open filk. I took a quick sweep of the dealers' room, and picked up a couple t-shirts (the Th In K one and an embroidered Erfworld one) from jannyblue  at the FuMP table.

Saturday and Sunday, I did my usual routine of alternating between programming items and hanging out in the game room. Between some interesting panels (like the "Writing For Webcomics" panel ohiblather  mentioned in her con report), the concerts, and catching up with people I hadn't seen in a while, I didn't get in as much gaming as usual; I got in a game of a card game called "Race For The Galaxy" (which seems like one that could be interesting once I figure it out better) and a game of Blokus.

The open filk folded a bit early Friday, but lasted longer on Saturday and went until about 5 AM Sunday (kept going largely by
partiallyclips  and mrgoodwraith). I sang Mike Rubin's "Three Laws Of Thermo", which I can generally recall from memory even when short on sleep, but didn't have my notes with me -- I ought to transfer some material to my Wing before Contata.

After the Sunday night filk finally broke up, I gave my room key to mrgoodwraith so he could get into our room for floor crash space after retrieving his CPAP machine. I recall vaguely wondering why he hadn't gotten back yet just before I drifted off; when I ran into him in the parking lot Monday morning, he explained that he'd tried to get in using the wrong key and ended up sleeping in his car because he didn't want to wake us up (or, worse, wake up random people if he'd misremembered the room number). Oops.

Monday, things gradually wound down, with an interesting Urban Tapestry workshop on music arrangement followed by an Arthur C. Clarke memorial circle which transitioned into open filk until the last few people had to leave. I took a brief final dealers' scan, and picked up another shirt at the FuMP table and a chess variant called Beyond Chess in which the players move a piece and a square of the board each turn.

We had dinner with Mike Feldman and Marli Kennedy, and then spent a while in the hotel pool (the Jacuzzi was down for maintenance) before it got late enough that we had to hit the road. About midnight, we returned to three needy human-deprived kitties.
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