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My Tax Dollars At Work....

A Washington Post story that possibly sheds a bit of light on our ongoing home-renovation snafu:

"Fairfax County's residential building inspectors carry workloads that exceed their ability to do their jobs competently, according to a firm that evaluates government inspection programs for insurance companies....
The company's findings do more than raise questions about the county's building inspection program. They shed light on the way Fairfax officials, protective of the county's national reputation for efficient, well-managed delivery of services, deal with unwelcome news...."

Their method of dealing with unwelcome news appears to be a clever procedure known in the political trade as "hushing it up":

"Although the company informed Fairfax of the rating reduction May 18, 2006, County Executive Anthony H. Griffin did not disclose it publicly until The Washington Post made inquiries last month...."
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