Steve Brinich (stevemb) wrote,
Steve Brinich

Criminal Mastermind At Work

Would-Be Robber Gives Victims His Phone Number

...Jose Velasquez's Mufflers 4 Less shop got more excitement than they bargained for Monday -- the first customer of the day was a masked man with a gun.
"He had his gun out, walking in the office," said mechanic Antonio Diaz.
The three mechanics on duty told him they didn't have any money and the owner would have to come in to open the safe. The man gave them his cell phone number.
"He just told us he would give us the number, and we would have to call when the owner was here and the money was going to get here," Diaz said....

They called the crook to pick up his loot... after arranging for plainclothes officers to set a trap for him.
Tags: humor, stupidity
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