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Icon Meme (via batyatoon)

Ganked from batyatoon

The Rules:
1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!

The five icons selected by batyatoon are:

Keywords: Wanda (White Leather)
Comments: Erfworld ( by Rob Balder & Jamie Noguchi

The artwork is from the webcomic Erfworld, writing by Rob Balder (yes, the FuMP Rob Balder), illustrations by Jamie Noguchi (who I've heard on a panel last Balticon, but haven't really met). I've done a whole passel of Erfworld icons (and picked up a few tricks by trial and error on converting images to icons while minimizing filesize and preserving image quality), since it's one of the webcomics that 1)I like and 2)I know that the creators are cool with icon creation as long as they're properly credited.

I tend to use this one when there's some salacious angle to the conversation, for some reason.

Keywords: Parson (Your Brand Here)
Comments: Erfworld ( by Rob Balder & Jamie Noguchi

Another Erfworld icon; I've pretty much covered that aspect of it above.

I tend to use this one to represent speechifying (Parson holding the soda can like a microphone); I think once or twice the "YOUR BRAND HERE" joke might have also played into it.

Keywords: Cthulhu O R'YLEH?
Comments: (none)

I'm not sure where I first encountered the Cthulhu parody of the (in)famous O RLY? owl, but making my own version was inevitable once I figured out the trick of getting the lettering to come out clear against a somewhat busy background at icon size. (A thumbnail description: Create two duplicate layers of the text on a transparent background, fill the text of the lower layer with a color that generates a good contrast, blur, set layer to about 25% opaque, and merge. This creates a subtle but definite "cloud outline" around the text, making it "pop" a bit.

I tend to use this one for, well, asking "O RLY?"

Keywords: Mad Hatter (Tenniel)
Comments: From the illustration by John Tenniel

Another one where the source is just as it says in the comments.

Turning this one into an icon was a bit tricky; the line art tended to vanish when shrunk to 100x100 pixels no matter which type of smart, semi-smart, or dumb scaling I used. I tried a few tricks on the original image to counteract the effect, but the result erred too far in the direction of overly dark lines. Finally, I hit upon a trick that worked: turn the white parts transparent, create dual layered copies of the black-on-transparent line art, blur the bottom layer just a bit and make it about 30% opaque, and merge everything onto an all-white bottom layer. That produced a line art copy with just a bit of extra light-gray thickness; after scaling, it came out just right.

I tend to use this one to suggest that somebody is bloviating impressive-sounding comments that don't mean as much as they might seem. More often than not, that "somebody" is me.

Keywords: Respect The Law
Comments: The Constitution is not an obstacle to the American form of government

This is the only one of the five where the comment is actually a comment rather than a source credit.

I've used the "If the government wants us to respect the law, it should set a better example" as a sigline in various places just about as far back as I can remember knowing what a sigline is. Superimposing it over the Constitution (that being the "law" my government is supposed to respect, but generally doesn't) was just a matter of getting the technique (see above) to work out.

I tend to use this one when somebody in power does something more outrageous than usual.
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