June 25th, 2011

BoomDeYada (XKCD), XKCD (BoomDeYada)

Baltimore/DC Housefilk -- Sunday June 26, Randallstown, MD

(Notice from Steven Joel Zeve, also posted to starmalachite's LJ)

In honor of filker Dave Clement's visit from Winnipeg, Steven Joel Zeve & France Andrews are hosting a housefilk at their home this Sunday from 2PM till TBD.  Don't be shy if you don't perform -- we need audience members too!

Dave is a wonderful singer & guitarist, & a heck of a nice guy to boot.  If you've never met or heard him, do yourself a favor & come on by. 

Relevant info below, cut & pasted from the local housefilk mailing list:

Decadent Dave Clement is visiting, but he has commitments that
require to be back to Winnipeg before Contata, so we're having a
pre-Contata house filk this weekend.

Sunday June 26, 2011 starting @ 2:00pm

Directions appended below.

		Steven Joel Z.

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