January 19th, 2011

My Brain Hurts (Leeroy Jenkins RIP)

Just Plain Dumb Customer Webservice

1. As I finish converting my contacts over to my new e-mail address, I got to the Recycle Bank customer credit site -- which lets you change everything in your profile *except* your contact e-mail. That, you have to do over the phone. Great way to introduce transcription errors. (I set my username to my new e-mail address and told the rep to copy-and-paste that.)

2. I managed to misplace my copy of the Dominion rules. Fortunately, the publisher has a PDF of the rules on its website. Unfortunately, it includes the full-page background graphics, which are pretty when reproduced on a high-res commercial printing press but a text-blurring waste of ink/toner when reproduced on the kind of printers most people have at home. Fortunately, I have a PDF editor program and was able to strip them out (after which I decided to just manually copy-paste-and-reedit the base rules and the tweaks added in each expansion into one document, rendering the previous process moot).