May 26th, 2009

Webinar Recieving Orders, Cloth Golems 2

Balticon Impressions

We got on the road Friday a bit later than we planned, and stopped to pick up a few things (part of starmalachite's outfit, the saddle bridge pad for my glasses). Despite that, and Memorial Day traffic, we got to the con in time to unpack and settle in.

Generally, the con went rather well. My egoboo highlight was trotting out "Mandate of the Titans" during Friday open filk with partiallyclips in the room.

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Mostly, I did my usual alternation of filk and gaming. Both programs went rather well (thanks to gorgeousgary for the former, and whoever was responsible for the latter -- I ought to know but it escapes me at the moment). I picked up a copy of Zooloretto along with the Zooloretto Exotic expansion, taking advantage of a "buy one, get one half price" sale; I recall playing it once and finding it interesting but will need to re-learn the rules; I never did get around to trying it during the con. I did manage to maintain my unbeaten streak at Stone Age and get into a game of Cities and Knights that ran until 5 AM Sunday night.

The music track was very good; I particularly remember the Kids' Concert, quadrivium, maugorn, and decadentdave's performances, and much of the FuMP show. Open filk broke up a bit early Friday and Sunday; people seemed to be saving their energy for Saturday.

Overall, the con seemed a bit smaller than usual -- not surprising given the state of the economy. I recall mentioning to jannyblue that I'd reserved our hotel room months in advance to make sure we got on in the con hotel and she said that she'd been able to get one much later than that. (Just the same, I'm planning to reserve early next year.)

We did a bit of last-minute planning so that there'd be room in the car for starmalachite to ferry quadrivium and Wesley to National Airport while gorgeousgary and the_sheryl schlepped me and some of my luggage to stevenjoel and museinred's place for a post-con gathering until starmalachite returned. All went well, and we had a nice get-together until it was finally time to head home.