February 23rd, 2009

EitP Blivit

Lost In Hyperspace

(No, not related to the Lunacon Escher Hilton.)

Last night, starmalachite and I went out to see Coraline. Somehow, it never registered on me that she was specifically looking for the 3D version (if I'd realized that, I would have bowed out). Once I found out, we were already there, so with some misgivings I decided to give it another try and see if the current generation of the technology worked any better than the last one I (vaguely) remember.

It didn't. Attempts to readjust and reposition the magic 3D specs either inside or outside my regular glasses were both uncomforable and unavailing. At best, the 3D previews preceding the movie were an eyestrain-inducing montage of objects that appeared to be either ten millimeters or ten parsecs from my eyeballs. By the time the feature started, I decided to give up and wait in the lobby. This was one of those times when having a smartphone loaded with reading material came in very handy.

(Thinking back about starmalachite's description of a few of the FX scenes, it may be that the problem wasn't with the 3D implementation per se, but with directors using their new toy with all the restraint of a four-year-old gorged on Pixy Stix dissolved in Mountain Dew. If so, that makes the situation even more bleak; advances in good taste tend to be slower than advances in technology.)