February 11th, 2009

Strategy Session Map

Tweaks And Preparations

Things accomplished over the last few days:

1. Install 8 GB microSD chips in our phones and transfer the files from the old chips. That ought to last a while, even with video clips.

2. Fix the furnace-closet door so that it closes properly (and stays closed when Basement Cat finds work for idle paws).

3. Rehab one of the old UPS/surge suppressor units I had lying around with new batteries. I thought I ordered batteries for both of them, but only one set showed up -- it could be a mixup in the order (two batteries vs two sets of batteries), or it could be two separate shipments (they packed the batteries I got like they were plutonium-powered and polished with anthrax dust).

Things to be finished:

4. Pack for Boskone. Figure out how to pack as light as possible to minimize the airline's opportunity to add nickle-and-dime luggage fees.

After that, things mostly settle down into a routine for a couple weeks; the only real event for the next month is the Coulton/Paul&Storm concert at the Birchmere.