November 15th, 2008

Strategy Session Map

Fire (Alarm) In The Hole

Our Friday night gaming/dinner group at Potbelly's had just finished up one round of games and started another (the group at our table was breaking out our new copy of "The Good, The Bad, and The Munchkin". All of a sudden, the fire alarms went off. We grabbed everything off the table and headed out (there was no obvious immediate threat, and the smell I noticed suggested a false alarm from something getting scorched on their stove) and ended up moving down to the Fuddruckers' down the street. We'd already eaten dinner, but ordered some onion rings and drinks to justify hanging out there for a while.

There was a fire truck on the street for a while, but by the time the gaming session broke up everything at Potbelly's looked like it was back to normal.

Another thing I discovered is that the number of different varieties of Munchkin have now grown too much for even the larger size of plastic card box. I've figured out how to cheat by randomly winnowing each deck a bit (or a lot, for the original game) and re-shuffling the mix every so often.
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