October 23rd, 2008

Filk Dandelion (Colorful)

Preparing For OVFF

I got home a bit late after taking care of all the end-of-biweek stuff and then finding that I was going to miss my bus connection because the Metrorail driver decided to stop the train for a few minutes to pleasure himself. (There might have been some other reason. However, if the driver can't be bothered to get on the intercom and say what that other reason might be, I have no alternative but to stick to the first guess I come up with.) starmalachite picked me up after the Metro, and we searched a couple stores for additional bags for the new vacuum. No luck.

We got home, ordered pizza, and finished cleaning and packing. When I assembled the new vacuum, I discovered that it came with three bags -- now they tell me.

I checked my suitcase -- clothes, extra CDs for dealer restock requests, and probably something else I need to think of. Now, I need to find something to read on the flight -- I picked up Fleet of Worlds at Capclave for the purpose, but couldn't hold off and read it Sunday night.

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