August 10th, 2008

Strategy Session Map

Convention Planning And Stuff

I've got the arrangements made for the next couple of conventions on my schedule:

TCEP 15 -- The Elder Party (8/29-9/1)
Capclave (10/17-19)
OVFF (10/24-26)

Other than that, I've been fiddling with a few minor projects and converting a batch of documents from my miscellaneous entertainment files to Mobipocket form to carry around on my phone and read while waiting for the Metro (is it just me, or has their service been going downhill a lot lately?). I got a couple of crashes and lockups at first; I think I've traced it to synch problems when an old e-book document is directly replaced by a new one instead of deleting, rebuilding, and letting the annotation synch do its thing.

We headed out last night and did some clothes shopping to take advantage of the sales-tax holiday. I found a couple pairs of pants, but only one suitable shirt -- manufacturers are a lot more experimental with men's shirts, and some of the results are Things Man Was Not Meant To Know Wear.