March 17th, 2008

Satin Cat Face

Post-Lunacon Wrapup

We got to Lunacon a bit late Friday (between traffic and a the road signage not agreeing very well with the Yahoo Maps instructions). I spent a few hours at the open filk and crashed early to wake up for my 10:00 and 11:00 panels.

Not surprisingly, the panelists outnumbered the audience for most of the two hours. The first one (on running conventions) was mostly an exchange of anecdotes. The second one (on feeding the fen) was the "WTF am I doing on this one?" panel; I did manage to contribute one possibly useful observation (finding out about people's food restrictions is more critical for a small con, because the "buy some of everything and everybody will have something" strategy is less viable with small groups).

After that, I wandered for a while between the game room and various panels; the one I recall best was one about bad science in (nominally) SF movies. Somebody mentioned the Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics page, which I'll take a look at later. At one point, I joined a game of Munchkin Blender, which I ended up winning. The player to my left seemed to get all "screw you" cards and tried a strategy of blackmailing people to give him treasure; I decided not to pay the Dane-geld and took the lumps until he started focusing on the other players. That may be part of the reason I ended up winning.

Sunday was fairly low-key; after we lugged stuff to madfilkentist and starmalachite's cars; I caught a couple more panels and hung out in the main filk room as people gradually left. We eventually headed out at about 5:30, stopped at a diner in Edison for dinner, and arrived back home at about 1:30. I'd arranged to take today off, and slept in.