January 12th, 2008

307 Ale

GAFilk Day 1

starmalachite and I caught our flight (the timing was a bit close for comfort, but we didn't run into any snags and got to the gate just as boarding was beginning). I was a bit worried that we'd have to wait for our luggage, but it showed up normally.

We got to the hotel and met some of the other early arrivals. Then, we went back to the room for a while; starmalachite took a nap while I worked up a LOLpic from an idea I'd gotten on the flight. (The image is from the latest page of the webcomic Erfworld, and the humor of the pic, such as it is, probably doesn't work all that well if you aren't familiar with that context.). I then returned to the function space and picked up my badge, There was still a bit of time before opening ceremonies, so I played a game of Thurn and Taxis with mneme and mrgoodwraith.

I met starmalachite at opening ceremonies. Con attendance this year looks pretty heavy, judging from the crowd there (and the fact that some people I knew were coming hadn't arrived yet). After the ceremony was the traditional GAFilk quiz show and instafilk writing entertainment, followed by filkertom's concert (which was excellent even by the standard I expect from him).

The con then broke into open filk mode over several rooms. I wandered a while, but was starting to fade out and crashed around 1 AM.