October 29th, 2007

Filk Dandelion (Colorful)

OVFF 2007

After finishing up our packing while being pestered for attention from three cats who had figured out that The Humans Are Leaving, [info]starmalachite and I headed for the Metro station and from there to National Airport to catch the morning flight to Columbus. Fortunately, the trip went off without any interesting incidents; I mostly zoned out until we landed.

While I was watching out for the shuttle, someone else noticed starmalachite  with the luggage and asked if she was headed to the same hotel. She turned out to be a relative newcomer; we (mostly starmalachite , really) chatted about some of the people she'd heard of and described a few other items of interest and general Filk 101 pointers.

We checked in, took a brief swim in the hotel pool, and then took a nap until dinnertime. After that, the con proper got underway. As usual, the Pegasus concert went very well (I thought the brief intermission was a good idea for letting people who were still pondering their votes recharge their mental batteries). Open filk Friday went on until about 3 AM (as far as I recall); I was still awake enough to hang out and chat with partiallyclips and maverick_weirdo until the breakfast buffet opened at 6:00, (IIRC, maverick_weirdo turned in before breakfast, but jannyblue joined us at the restaurant.)

I spent about as much time wandering around as I did at the various concerts Saturday afternoon. I enjoyed the Pegasus banquet, with hearty congratulations to the winners. The Interfilk auction had one T-shirt I was briefly tempted to bid on, but before I decided to jump in the bids had gone a bit above my temptation level. As usual, open filk ran later Saturday night, with about a dozen survivors heading for the breakfast buffet when it finally wound down. (AFAIK, I was the only one who kept awake through breakfast both days. That surprised me, actually; the last few cons I've been at I conked out by 3:00 or so).

Sunday had a few events leading up to the traditional jam session, followed by a mass exodus to BD's Mongolian for a dinner run and then the dead dog party, which was still going on when I finally crashed out at about 3:30.

I got up at about 11 Monday morning; we packed up and headed for the lobby (we were lucky enough to get a room on the ground floor right near the rear lobby entrance), where we met Kathy Mar and split a cab ride to the airport. There was one disconcerting moment when we got back to Franconia/Springfield station and couldn't find our car at first; it turned out that it was around a corner from where we first looked for it. That problem solved, we headed home.

Tired now.