September 6th, 2007

Do-Not-Want Cats

Refund: 37 Cents. Bureaucratic Idiocy: Priceless

Over the past few years, starmalachite  was supposed to have been receiving money from an outfit that suffered a selective attack of inefficiency. Specifically, they didn't quite manage to send the money, or any communications concerning the money, to us. They were, however, effective at notifying the IRS that they had been doing so. Hilarity ensued. That part has been straightened out (i.e. we're square with the IRS, and the outfit has confirmed that they were supposed to have sent the money but didn't -- though they seem to need a few more nudges to actually get around to it).

Today, I found a couple of official IRS letters in the mail, addressed to starmalachite  and myself. After gritting my teeth a bit, I opened them and discovered that the IRS has retweaked its figures, and computed that they currently owe us the grand sum of $0.37.

How thirty-seven cents compares to 1)the cost of sending the two letters and 2)the value of not being aggravated by an apparent herald of (at best) ongoing annoyances is left as an exercise for the student.