September 4th, 2007

XKCD (Keyboard Guy), Keyboard Guy (XKCD)

LJ Page Tweaking

While adding a few a few of the folks I met at TCEP to my friends list, I've also gotten around to customizing my LJ page a bit, adding a few links, etc

I found that the "Component" look-and-feel, with minor tweaks, gives the layout I want. The problem is that pages with this layout tend to freeze up in IE before the scroll bar, links, etc actually deign to function. This doesn't seem to be an issue in Firefox, and is presumably related to the properties of IE (specifically, its property of being a piece of crap).
Frag Mini (Brown)

TCEP Highlights

starmalachite and I spent Friday evening at a Jonathan Coulton concert opened by Paul & Storm. The opener had some good numbers (I recall a "Schoolhouse Rock" style counting-to-ten number, but they lost me with a funny-for-one-minute but lasted-for-many-minutes "If James Taylor Were on Fire (&c)" number. The main act was great, as Jonathan Coulton always is.

We got to the con and played a few games of Ingenious before I crashed out for the night. Saturday, I had time to settle in to the con and play a few games, among which I was introduced to Winds of Plunder. As always, the crowd was small but friendly.

Sunday night, a group of us including angel_vixen and blackpaladin played a truly accursed game of Shadows Over Camelot, that ended with seven black swords and only one white one. (Even if you don't know the game, you've probably guessed that that's bad. It is.) About the only redeeming feature is that there was, in fact, a traitor subtly working against the rest of the group -- if we'd done that badly against the pure mechanics of the game, even I would have had to suggest some silly gamer-superstition ritual to break the curse.

Monday, the con ended, entirely too soon as usual. We played half a game of Cities and Knights before moving out of the function space, and then half a game of Alhambra: The Dice Game in the lobby before adjourning for the dead dog dinner. We checked out a few Labor Day sales, without much luck at finding anything useful; at that point, starmalachite and I concluded that I was fading a bit too much to hang around for the Three Left Feet meeting and headed home.