May 29th, 2007

Heidi Cat Face

Balticon Continued

Open filk Saturday night ran somewhat later than Friday night, with a good crowd until about 2:30 when things broke up. We got back to the Hampton Inn (the current Balticon hotel sold out long before it occurred to me to start making plans) and paused at the front desk to report some jackass who had parked across two spaces (including a handicapped space -- no, he didn't have a plate or tag for that, and stupidity and moral turpitude don't count as "handicaps" in this context). I started writing an LJ entry for the con, until 

starmalachite needed the laptop to look up some things for a filk she was writing, which shall be revealed to the world in due course.

Sunday was a bit quieter; I caught a few art/comics/techie panels, the FuMP concerts, and open filk (which didn't run quite as late as Saturday; people were winding down a bit). Monday I hung around the dealers' room and FuMP table for a while, then went to gaming until they finally closed down the function space. I played a couple games of TransAmerica and Thurn and Taxis, but my brain fatigue was clearly taking a toll, and I more or less crashed in the lobby until we left for home.