May 12th, 2007

EitP Blivit

Gaming & Graphics & Grass, Oh My

The Friday night gaming session went particularly well; I handily won games of Puerto Rico (for the first time -- much as I like it, I never seemed to get the hang of its strategy, but this time everything just seemed to click into place) and the new "Power and Glory" version of Thurn and Taxis. (The name struck me as a bit odd; "Power and Glory" seems like it ought to be the name of an old-fashioned combat wargame instead of a classic resource-management German boardgame. It may have something to do with the historical background of the game(s).) That degree of success surprised me a bit; my brain had been dragging a bit all week for some reason.

We finished the evening with the Alhambra dice game; I didn't do as well in that but I think I've got a feel for the strategy for next time.

I also hit upon a graphics-tweaking trick for the Erfworld cartoon image I most often use as a userpic to make the "kritch skritch" sound effect come out clearly at userpic size.

(As credited in my userpic notes, Erfworld is copyright 2006 by Rob Balder and Jamie Noguchi. I adapted and used the art under the Creative Commons License (attribution, noncommercial, share-alike, as indicated by the icons to the lower left of the giant Elvises creating the world) and the specific policy statement re this image.)

Now, I need to go mow the lawn. I've been looking for a lawn service (my Puritan streak was trumped by the fact that I come out ahead both financially and aggrivationally by spending the same hours putting in overtime at the office), but most of them seem to be oriented toward people who want a parade-ground perfect lawn rather than people who are satisfied if the neighbors don't show up with pitchforks and torches. (The most lawn-obsessed person I've ever met was the same one with the most pronounced "get a life" attitude toward fandom. Go figure.)