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More Wing Stuff

So far, I've managed to set up the basic phone functions on the Wing and get the old address book transferred (by cable -- I haven't been able to get Bluetooth sync to work. Based on what I've been able to find online, I might need to install XP Service Pack 2 to get the drivers for Bluetooth ActiveSync).

During the bus ride to work yesterday, I discovered that quite a few of the neighbors seem to have unsecured wireless networks. I think I'm going to need to turn off WiFi when not actually in use in order to save the batteries.

So far, battery life seems OK; it was down to a bit over half this morning after being charged yesterday. However, when I took it out just now, it was unusually warm and down to 15% -- the most likely explanation is that I put it away without turning it off or locking down the touchscreen, and some intensive process or other started and kept runnning.

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