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Wing-ing It

After a bit more research, starmalachite and I ended up deciding to renew with T-Mobile and get a pair of Wing phone/PDA units. It's a bit too early to judge how the battery life will hold up under our typical use pattern (when he showed us his Wing at GAFilk, partiallyclips mentioned that he has to recharge it fairly often, but he uses it rather heavily); other than that potential issue, it's working out well so far.

As I was transferring and reorganizing my phone directory, I found a half-forgotten listing for "MORON". After a moment, I recalled that entering that number and setting it to a null ring was a workaround to banish some nitwit who couldn't wrap his head around the concept that there was no "Ernesto" here, and there still would be no "Ernesto" here no matter how many times he called the same number.

While entering a calendar entry for Boskone, I noticed the lines:

Category: Conventions
Attendees: No attendees

I'm sure the concom will be terribly disappointed. 
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