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Back From Philcon

I'm back from Philcon -- the con organization left a few things to be desired, but in general I had a good time. I spent less time gaming and more at panels than usual (including a particularly interesting webcomics panel that was the start of partiallyclips' marathon of six panels in eight hours -- I mentioned something about the con organization, right?)

I might comment more later, for now I'll just throw out a few random items:

New custom button: Terrorists can attack freedom. Only governments can destroy it.

Notable dealer's room acquisitions: Caylus: Magna Carta; a batch of Erfworld postcards; Dr. SETI's latest CDs and the two I needed to fill in my FuMP set.

Now to give Satin her subcutaneous fluids and crash out for the night.
Tags: fandom, philcon, webcomics

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