Steve Brinich (stevemb) wrote,
Steve Brinich

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Home Shopping

I woke up yesterday and put a bagel in the microwave; it shut itself down spontaneously and did damn all to warm up the food. We found a new one at Lowe's yesterday; some gift cards left over from Christmas covered most of it.

The main mission was searching for a new storm door; we think we've found one at Home Depot (the Lowe's models don't take paint well according to the sales guy and aren't in colors that work with our house).

Tomorrow, we get an estimate from a plumber to fix the main remaining problem with the new extension (the contractor hired bottom-basement subcontractors for the hot-water heater connections. Fortunately, the guy he sent to turn the new heater on noticed the 1/2 PSI appliance hooked directly to the 2 PSI gas supply...).
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